We are Jass Fashion Dress Shop, we care for your health not just for your look. Our shop also offers you some herbal ready to drink medicine for your health.

How can you make the world as your runway if you are not feeling okay? That’s why we also care for your health, not just for your everyday outfit.

We have a “Lola Remedios” and “Tolak Angin” for your body pain or “Lamig”. This ready to drink medicine is not just for body pains it is also good for your sore throat and colds.

This is the medicine that is made by the natural ingredients that are come from our nature.  You don’t have to worry about side effects in the long-term as it gives a Soothing Relief from Lamig or Body pains. Lola Remedios and Tolak Angin have the unique formulation that inspired by our traditional remedies; but now blended in a convenient, ready-to-drink sachet.

Jass Fashion Dress Shop gives you a remedy to your body pains to make sure that you can even though you are in pain.